What is TiresPlease?

TiresPlease.com is first and foremost a price comparison website for auto tires. We aim to present tire offers from as many different online sources as possible in one place. Easily searchable and easy to compare. Currently, we only have a database of offers from US-based sources.

Besides being a price comparison website, we also have a tire review section and a blog.

Who runs TiresPlease?

This is a one-man-show by myself, a 25-year-old developer with a degree in E-Commerce. I’m solely responsible for implementing new features, fixing bugs and marketing. As far as content goes, I write most of the content tho I’ve previously hired freelancers for some articles and for most of the article-style tire reviews.

A couple words about data, privacy and transparency…

Unlike most websites these days, my aim is to be as transparent as possible about TiresPlease monetization and your privacy when you’re browsing this website.

Most websites don’t really give you a way to opt-out of tracking and monetization other than the „if you don’t like it, don’t use our website” way.

In this section I’ll list the following things:

  • How we make money
  • What can you do if you don’t want us to make money (but wish to keep using the website)
  • What kind of data we track/collect
  • How to prevent being tracked (but keep using the website)

How does TiresPlease make money?

Most of the online sources we collect offers from have affiliate programs.

This simply means that if you visit any tire-selling-website by clicking a link on our site and you make a purchase there, we will probably get a small commission.

Most of the time, this is done using cookies. You click an affiliate link and your browser gets a cookie. This cookie tells the website that you’ve been referred by us and to credit any purchase you made within the next X days (the exact amount of days varies for each affiliate program, it can be as little as 24h to as much as 90 days or more).

How to make sure we’re not making money on your purchase:

What kind of data do you track?

While you’re browsing and using TiresPlease, we aim to collect/track as little data as possible. And everything that is tracked is used exclusively to improve user experience on TiresPlease. On top of that, all data is collected anonymously.

Here is a list of everything we track along with a way to opt-out / prevent us from tracking that.

1. Google Analytics / Google Search Console data

We collect the usual Analytics data such as:

  • Location
  • Device (Desktop / Tablet / Mobile)
  • Page views
  • Session duration
  • etc.

How to opt-out

When you’re using our onsite search functionality, we might track & collect the following:

  • What queries you’ve inputted in the search bar
  • Which filters you’re using
  • Which tire offers you’ve clicked
  • Which tire-size you’ve selected

How to opt out:

How can I support you?

You can support this website and by extension, myself, through one of the following ways:

  • Keep being awesome
  • Use the website when you’re buying new tires
  • Tell your friends about us