Atturo Trail Blade Review: The Dirt King

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Atturo Trail Blade Review

The evolution of the modern day car has been split between making life easier for people and recreation. Motorsport has become a widely enjoyed pastime from the racetracks of the Nürbugring to the dunes of the Dakar. The gruelling nature of motorsport, particularly, off-road, thus requires a tire that will weather any storm, terrain and manoeuvre. Atturo’s offering, in the Trail Blade, seeks to do just that.

Dominating The M/T Landscape

By and large, the Trail Blade is a high performance tire specifically designed to tackle the dirt. In trying to come up with a reasonably priced mud terrain tire, Atturo came up with the Trail Blade. The product has gained critical acclaim due to its success in short court course off-roading events. By employing a uniquely engineered aluminium subdivided cast, the tire manages to deliver homogenous feedback on the most gruelling topography.

As is typical of M/T tires, the Trail Blade features particularly deep sipes that augment grip and lengthen tread life. These grooves interlock, creating a cavernous centre tread that is meant to make for better traction during wet periods. One problem that driving in the dirt brings is having stones stuck within the tire treads. This can lead to slipping and reduced grip. The Trail Blade however, deals with this by employing segmented and curved ‘stone throwers’ nestled between shoulder lugs. This creates a self cleaning facility for whatever is unfortunate to be under the girth of the tire.

All Bark And No Bite?

Unlike other motorsports, dirt driving is unique in that one needs to actually get to the terrain before engaging. This usually involves driving to specialized 4X4 trails or heading out to the woods. As such it is not unusual to see trailers and caravans tagging along for the ride. This can pose a bit of a problem for the Trail Blade, with complaints of sidewall flex during cornering, when hauling a trailer. This tends to put unnecessary pressure on the suspension, potentially leading to expensive fixes.

Trail Blade tires take on a dominant and aggressive look and especially complement SUVs and trucks perfectly. However, there is a general sentiment that their appearance is much more imposing than the actual performance one gets out of them. While they are comfortable in mud and snow, wet conditions create a glossy response that just picks away at the confidence of whoever is behind the wheel.

It goes without saying though that for the purpose; the Atturo Tire Blade is more than well – equipped. A number of aspects make this tire, the perfect M/T companion.

Why You’ll Love The Trail Blade In The Dirt

  • Tapered borders on the centre tread blocks resulting in decent noise output
  • Wheel guarding flanges give added protection from potholes and rock surfaces
  • Karambit knife blade inspired design gives a ‘clawing’ action in the mud
  • 8 to 10 ply structure (size dependent) means high outdoor strength and resistance

The Atturo Trail Blade tires are built not only to handle savage terrain, but to do so well. They don’t pretend to be anything else and for anyone looking for an off-road tire, the search starts and ends here.