Best 205 40 17 Tires

We know that finding a new set of tires for your car can be a headache sometimes. That is why we’ve decided to find out which 205 40 17 tires are the best. Choose one of these three tire models if you’re looking for reliable and quiet tires for your family sedan or SUV.

Milestar MS932 – All Season Tire

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Made in Taiwan, Milestar tires are among the most durable tires you can find on the market. This particular model was designed for use in all weather conditions. This tire is great for all-season and will stay stabile even if you’re driving over wet road.

The tire comes with specially designed tread pattern. Because of that, the tire provides an amazing grip. That means that you won’t feel difference driving over dry road or over wet pavement, if you have a set of MS932 tires.

Getting a set of these tires will improve your vehicle’s handling. On top of that, you will be able to drive faster as the speed rating is V, meaning that the maximum speed at which the tire is considered safe is 149 mph.

Finally, let’s not forget the price. MS932 is one of the cheapest all-season tires you can find.


  • All-season tire
  • Provides a great grip
  • Good speed rating (V)
  • Excellent price


  • Not a great choice for sports cars as it may understeer at speed
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Falken Ziex ZE950 – All Season Tire

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Falken Tire is a Japanese company that has established itself as one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world. It’s no surprise, considering the quality of their products. Take a look, for example at the Falken Ziex ZE950, which is one of the best 205-milimeters-wide tires.

Falken engineers worked hard to make this tire an ultimate choice for all weather conditions. They developed the Dynamic Range Technology to make the tire flexible at low temperatures. The Falken Exclusive Canyon Sipe Technology improves tire’s handling and makes it more durable.

If you pay attention to the design of the tire, you’ll notice large grooves. Their role is to evacuate water, thus improving tire’s performance on wet roads.

Although the tire will do well off-road, it performs much better on-road. In fact, the tire has an amazing speed rating! With the W rating, the tire can be safely used for driving at speeds to up to 168 mph.


  • Great for all weather conditions
  • Has an impressive W speed rating (maximum safe speed is 168 mph)


  • Just a bit more expensive than the other two from our list
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Rydanz ROADSTER R02 – Performance Tire

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Owned by the Horizon Tire Company, Rydanz is a manufacturer of inexpensive, yet highly reliable tires. If you are looking for 205 40 17 tires that are equally good on wet and dry roads, your best choice might be the ROADSTER R02.

The tread design is the reason why this tire is great for driving over wet or muddy roads. Its asymmetric tread pattern and a large-angle grove in the middle will provide a better water displacement. The ribs in the outside provide a better grip.

Same as the previous item on our list, this tire also has the W speed rating. It means that the maximum speed in which this tire is deemed safe is 168 mph.


  • Tread pattern makes it perfect for driving on wet roads
  • Continuous side and centre ribs provide a great grip on the road
  • Has great speed rating (W)
  • Among the cheapest tires on Amazon


  • Makes a bit of noise
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