Bridgestone Turanza EL400 Review: Comfortable Tourer

Bridgestone TURANZA EL40002 Full - 660x550

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The Good
  • Fuel friendly and economical
  • Offers good traction in deep snow
The Bad
  • Poor treadwear of just about 30 000 miles
  • Reported sliding, spinning and hydroplaning in rain
  • High level of road noise
Dry Performance63
Wet Performance52
Winter Performance30
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The tire market is saturated with products that claim to deliver touring, all season performance while maintaining ride comfort. This is not surprising considering the fact that most buyers of these tires are owners of sports coupes and luxury sedans. Given the sheer volumes and pricey nature of the vehicles in question, this market offers great potential earnings to any manufacturer that is able to successfully cater to drivers’ needs. To this end, a Bridgestone Turanza El400 review, serves as a reliable standard to investigate just how well tire manufacturers are able to deliver high quality tires to such a vast market.

Touring Technology

Bridgestone offers all year performance with this touring tire. To make this possible, the manufacturer employs UNI – T technology which pushes the tire to high levels of road performance while maintaining an exceptional level of ride comfort. This technology is combined with an innovative Silica compound that has a dual effect. On one hand it serves to optimize handling in both wet and dry driving conditions, while simultaneously fortifying the tire against general wear and tear.

In a game changing bid to outperform the competition, Bridgestone developed noise cancelling sound wave techniques that have a substantial effect on the amount of noise that the tires produce when driving. In the event that one is driving in wet conditions, circumferential sipes direct water away to oppose hydroplaning.

R & D Fail

Though Bridgestone seemingly put in a lot of research and development when they came up with the Turanza El400, all that technology doesn’t seem to have done a lot of good. Firstly, the tire has very poor traction in wet and snow driving conditions. When driving in snow, the tires have a tendency to lose all control. Even at a standstill, on a downward descent, one may find the car slipping away with absolutely no grip to lean on.

The other big issue with the tires is tread wear. Regardless of how well or slowly one drives, these tires are sure to start deteriorating within a relatively short space of time. Before long the whole set ‘rounds out’ and poses a serious hazard to whoever insists on using them. In addition to that, they produce a high pitched howl despite the noise cancelling technology that promises a silent ride.

Of the several shortfalls, the Bridgestone Turanza El400 review singles out these major setbacks;

Issues With The Bridgestone Turanza El400 Tires

  • Poor tread durability irrespective of driving habits
  • Tires ‘cup’ on the inside thread, even with a strict rotation regimen.
  • Loud whining / howling noise at cruising speeds
  • Very little traction and control in snow and wet driving conditions

For Bridgestone, being the highly regarded manufacturer that it is, the Turanza El400 is something of a letdown. Granted they are all-weather tires as such one cannot expect exceptional traction in snow or icy road surfaces. However, to have a tire sustain so many downsides cannot be good for any brand’s reputation.

Author: Matt Taylor

A 28 year old car guy that used to work in a car repair shop. I used to talk about tires because I had to, now I talk about them because I want to.

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