Tire Maitenance

General Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance is crucial to ensuring safe driving on the road. Tires may become worn due to friction from contact with road surfaces, causing the tread of the outer tire to wear down eventually. When the tread depth becomes too shallow, tires may become uneven, lose their grip, or develop holes, which may cause unbalance,
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How To Rotate Tires - Featured Image

How To Rotate Tires Without Breaking A Sweat

You may heard it a million times before- rotate the wheels on your vehicle to extend the useable life of all your tires, especially if they were used tires, but it bears repeating nonetheless. Rotating tires to run on different corners of a vehicle remains one of the most effective ways to make tires last longer,
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How To Check Tire Pressure - Featured Image

How To Check Tire Pressure

Do you rely on your car’s tire pressure monitoring system to maintain tire inflation? If so, you are probably used to wasting money on more fuel than you need, poor steering and braking response, premature tire replacements, and last but not least, an uncomfortable ride. No it’s not because of cheap tires, it’s because you’re improperly inflating
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Featured - How to read tire sizes

How To Read Tire Size Properly

We’ve already talked about getting the best deal on tires, but what good does that do you if you don’t know which tires you should be looking for? Most people can’t read tire measurements, for them it’s just a string of random numbers. But don’t worry, today we will demystify it once and for all. Here’s a
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