Dick Cepek Mud Country Review

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Dick Cepek Mud Country Review

Dick Cepek Mud Country Features

The Dick Cepek Mud country tire incorporates unique technology which delivers superior durability and epic off-road traction. What makes the tire one of the best all-terrain tires is its unique deep tread design and pattern, better sidewall design, firm stone ejector ribs and circumferential grooves.

Moreover, interlocking lugs on the treads featuring narrow sipes enhance exceptional grip of the surface turning your off-road experience into a smooth ride. Tread grooves are also different from others being wide and alternating hence creating a firm contact patches which ensures that the tire responds easily to changes in terrain.

In addition to that, the tire is reinforced with a three-ply alternating sidewall as well as rigid side biters that make it puncture resistant thus more durable. For a quieter ride back on the street, the tire features treads that have a computer-optimized pitch sequence. Additionally the tire has a larger surface area that minimizes pressure that would otherwise make a car sink into mud or ice.

On Road and Off Road Performance

As an off road enthusiast, you will definitely be looking for a tire that is designed to perform better not only in mud but a tire that is also suited for other unfriendly terrains such as rocks, loose gravel, soft sand and even deeper sand. This is exactly what a Dick Cepek Mud Country tire will give you out there. It hasn’t made our best off-road tires list for no reason…

Amazingly, the tire digs and claws to the ground offering ample traction on whatever terrain you are on as a result of the singular laterally grooved pattern. It easily moves over muddy or sandy terrains thanks to the wider surface of the tire and smoothly gets over rocky surfaces.

The case is also similar to when you are on road and the smaller tread blocks as well as minimal gaps come in handy to give the tires a smoother run back in the streets. Therefore, in case you are an off road enthusiast and you still need a tire that will give you minimal problems while back on the road the Dick Cepek Mud Country tires will suit you.