Dick Cepek Trail Country Review

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Dick Cepek Trail Country Review

Features and Benefits

To begin with, the tire is uniquely shaped with interlocking tread elements which help to resist stone retention on its surface and also assists the tire to adjust to changes in surface. For responsive handling, the tire has a five-rib tread pattern that is responsible for transferring energy across the surface of the contact patch.

In addition to that, the main tread channels incorporate a variable group pattern which aids in dispersing water, snow or mud away from the tire. Impressively, The Trail Country also comes with a 50,000-mile warranty for limited tread wear. Another notable thing is that its tread compound is silica enhanced and uniquely molded into the five-rib tread pattern that is symmetric. This helps to deliver better traction on either dry or wet surfaces.

Additionally, the tire has added zigzag siping that is on the tread enhancing an all-season grip on different surfaces. Furthermore, traction on mud, gravel, dirt or other terrain is enhanced due to multi-dimensional side biters as well as scalloped shoulder lugs. For durability and tread life, the tire has double steel belts which are reinforced using nylon that is wrapped spirally onto a two-ply casing made of polyester. This makes the model tougher and stronger for off road purposes.

Pros and Cons

The tire is fortified sing the unique Dick Cepek design that makes it ideal for off-road use. Moreover, it has enhanced protection for better performance on all terrain. Majorly the tire is a lot more durable and long lasting which makes it a better choice for most drivers. The only negative thing regarding the Dick Cepek Tail Country ire is that it sometimes lacks consistency in icy condition.