Falken Ziex ZE329 Review

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Falken Ziex ZE329 Review

Anyone who’s been behind the wheel of a vehicle, whether supercar or utility truck, knows the difference that the right set of tires makes. Influencing critical aspects of the driving experience, such as handling, cornering and braking, one’s choice of tires is of great significance. To date, a number of brands have dominated the tire market and built a name for themselves. Chief among these is the Japanese company, Falken and this is why we bring you this Falken Ziex ZE329 review.

Producing high performance tires, Falken has become something of a sensation in the world of motorsport as well as household driving. One product offering that stands out from the rest is the Falken Ziex ZE-329. This product is designed as an all season performance solution to most needs that the average driver could have. This means that regardless of the driving conditions, from wet surfaces to sandy dunes, there is minimal compromise on grip and unswerving [no pun intended] traction.Simply put, it’s one of the best cheap tires out there.

The design integrity is quite well thought out, with full – depth grooves that encompass the breadth of the tread. These grooves, interlock with angular furrows that can withstand more demanding and stressful driving requirements. All these performance considerations, however, have not led to any negative concessions in ride comfort. Upon installing the ZE329s, one will almost instantly note a marked reduction in road noise.  This could be owing to its softer, silica – based compound structure. Cornering is more than decent and an extremely low rolling resistance results in amazing responsiveness. It is no wonder that the Ziex ZE329 has been Falken Japan’s leading tire in its category.

There are however some downsides to the ZE329. One major issue that plagues the product revolves around wear and tear. Some owners have complained that the tires get to the manufacturer – stated 2/32’’ or 1.6mm tread depth, much faster than other brands. This can be quite an issue, considering the upward trend of auto – parts prices. As can be imagined though, tires are a wear item and so their lifespan has a lot to do with how they are driven. Another challenge that the ZE-329 seems to face is driving in snowy conditions. Though sold as an all season tire, dealing with snowy roads poses a bit of a challenge. There is also a bit of hydroplane in sleet conditions which gives a sense of loss of control.

All things considered, Falken seemed to have aimed at producing an all-round tire that would serve the purposes of both extreme drivers and tame commuters. On one hand the product delivers unwavering performance and instils a sense of confidence in the driver. The emphasis placed on driving deliverables though, seems to have taken away from some economic aspects that would be important to an ordinary commuter.  A simple breakdown can be deduced as follows:

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  • Finely tuned handling and grip in dry conditions
  • All weather tire that performs well in urban and off – road surfaces
  • High pedigree brand with reasonable warranty


  • Widespread tread wear problems
  • Under – par performance in winter conditions

In all, the conclusion you can draw from this Falken Ziex ZE329 review is that this is a purchase that requires a trade off between outstanding driving performance and daily functionality.