Firestone Affinity Touring Review

Firestone AFFINITY TOURING Full - 660x550

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The Good
  • Cornering stability is quite predictable
The Bad
  • Loud road noise that only gets worse over time
  • Below average wet traction
  • Slip n slide at low speeds in snow
Dry Performance65
Wet Performance54
Winter Performance40
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The automobile industry has evolved dramatically over the years. One of the directions in which this change has happened has been towards the luxury vehicle segment. Gone are the days when premium comfort was the sole domain of high end cars. In embracing this trend, Firestone has created the Affinity Touring tire. This product is aimed at drivers of modern, premium vehicles.  These tires put extreme emphasis on ride quality and dampened road noise for those seeking an exceptional experience. Firestone has mated leading engineering with state – of – the art materials to make the Affinity Touring tire. In assessing whether their efforts have succeeded or otherwise, our Firestone Affinity Touring review looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the tire.

Unrestrained Performance For The Discerning Driver

While luxury is the end goal, no shortcuts have been taken when it comes to performance and delivery. The Affinity Touring tires feature deep cut grooves and a unique tread pattern that make for confident handling and traction, regardless of the weather conditions. The specially formulated compound used to make the tires ensures uniform tread wear and enhanced longevity.

As afore – mentioned, the compound used in making the Affinity Touring, a silica – based amalgam, makes for reduced rolling resistance that results in decreased fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The compound is complemented by a polyester cord body to give it a smooth and refined ride that matches most of the cars the tires fit onto.

Luxury Is Only Part Of The Story

The overall idea was to come up with a tire that works for the luxurious end. However, in many ways, Firestone failed to hit their mark. A pronounced aspect which the manufacturer seems to have overlooked is winter driving. The tires have absolutely no traction on icy surfaces. When starting off, grip is very little, resulting in the car slipping and wheel spinning. The same goes for braking, with abrupt stops being a complicated maneuver.

Tread wear is also another blow to the tire’s reputation. The traction that the Firestone Affinity Touring tires offers does not last the duration of their life. As it wears out, it slowly loses its dry and wet weather grip, exposing the driver to the risk of a blowout. Even when following a strict regimen of balancing and aligning the wear and tear will still follow the same trajectory.

The Firestone Affinity tires, by definition, target a market that is both discerning and has the propensity to spend more on their vehicles. As such the product needed to offer undeniable value and performance. In accordance with our Firestone Affinity Touring review, the following shortfalls let the tire down.

Downsides Of The Firestone Affinity Touring Tires

  • Poor traction and overall performance in wintry driving conditions
  • Traction and handling don’t last the life of the tire
  • Road noise can get alarmingly high as the tire wears

The moment Firestone decided to make a tire that would serve luxury vehicle owners, they set themselves up to deliver high standards of performance and ride quality. Whether it’s a case of trying to do too many things or simply failing to deliver, Firestone have fallen short of the standard here.

Author: Matt Taylor

A 28 year old car guy that used to work in a car repair shop. I used to talk about tires because I had to, now I talk about them because I want to.

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