Firestone Fr710 Review: As Good As The Originals

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Firestone Fr710 Review

One of the most daunting tire categories is the passenger, all season variety. This is because of the wide-ranging checklist that manufacturers have to adhere to in order to win over the discerning customer characteristic of this market. Drivers look for a mix of durability, smoothness as well as decent traction year round, snow conditions included. These are people normally looking to replace their OE tires that came as stock on their sedans, coupes and family minivans. Firestone took up the motivated campaign of creating a tire that comes closest to what the original carmakers had in mind. A comprehensive Firestone Fr710 review put their attempt to the test.

Decent Performance On A budget

Of key importance, Firestone prioritized one area that is of great importance to the market they targeted, affordability. The Fr710s are belong to a category of budget-friendly tires that can be used in any season. Built with mid-sized vehicles in mind, the tires score fairly well when it comes to grip and handling as well as civil ride comfort.

The tire itself is enhanced by what Firestone term, ‘Innovative Roundness’ technology which emphasizes the tread pattern along with an all-season compound. The tread design works together with the outline of the casing to ensure optimized contact in different driving conditions. This creates a broad surface area that makes for heightened grip and handling.

Affordable Sounds More Like Cheap

In most cases terms such as ‘affordable’ and ‘budget – friendly’ come with an implied compromise in one area or the other. Such is the case with the Firestone Fr710 tire. Though they are sold as all-season, the manner in which they handle rainy conditions leaves a lot to be desired. Wheelspin and slipping can be expected when driving on wet roads, particularly in older cars that don’t have the standard anti-locking and traction control technology standard in modern vehicles.

Another area which Firestone could improve on is the level of noise that the Fr710s emit in dry cruising speeds. As a reasonably-priced tire this may be excusable but these tires are made to fit on luxury sedans among other models. As such they fail to complement the elegant and smooth ride potential which the cars that sit on them promise.

By undertaking a comprehensive Firestone Fr710 review, a double – sided narrative takes shape.


  • Extensive ‘flow-through’ sipes and emphasized shoulder slits enhance traction in all conditions
  • Uninterrupted shoulder ribs make for above standard tread life
  • Broad surface area augments ride comfort.


  • Less than average traction and handling in winter conditions
  • Comparatively high road noise levels even on dry highways.

The Firestone Fr710 tires’ performance falls short in a number of areas. It becomes a case of getting what one pays for. They still, however, deliver above average output for a budget tire.