Firestone Transforce At Review: Getting Down To Business

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Firestone Transforce At Review

There is a general impression that tires made for commercial vehicles are purpose – built to withstand demanding environments and tasks. From construction sites to fording rivers, ride comfort is not the first thing these drivers are concerned with. The question then has to be asked whether this impression is in fact true or otherwise. A Firestone Transforce At review seems like a good place to start. This product is meant to be an all – terrain tire designed to fit light to medium trucks as well as commercial vehicles.

Built To Last

The Transforce At is specifically designed to deliver impeccable performance regardless of the landscape. To achieve this, Firestone came up with a unique recipe that weaves together polyester with a coiled nylon embodied cap ply. The result is a tough exterior that is resistant to chipping and tearing.

The tread design is characterized by constant shoulder ribs that feature deep grooves as well superior modulus tread amalgam. All this ensures maximum grip both in dry and wet conditions. The length of the tire is decked with interlocking sipes woven in between the treads. This design serves to combat premature and irregular wear, giving a strong and hard – wearing tire.

Strictly All Terrain Performance

While emphasis has been put on creating a tire that will fight off wear and tear on all terrains there seems to be a loophole. The assumption is that the full life of the tire will be typified by mixed driving conditions. Using the Firestone Transforce At exclusively on highways or city driving can have disastrous results. The tire tends to wear rapidly, almost ‘balding’ around the 20,000 mile mark. In instances, drivers have complained about whole treads just falling off without notice.

The tire manufacturer also falls short in anticipating that commercial drivers may not place much importance on ride comfort. As such, the tires offer an extremely hard and rough drive. In hilly or uneven terrain the ride is bumpy at best, making them rather challenging to live with.

The Firestone Transforce At review does not really display the tire in a positive light and there are a number of reasons for this.

Areas That Need Improvement

  • Relatively rapid tread wear even when carrying light loads
  • Difficult to balance and vibrate noticeably at high speeds
  • Dry rot and cracking in between treads may result from driving in rugged terrain
  • Tires feel extremely soft when cornering, with a tangible slant into the sidewall being experienced.

It is rather unfortunate that a reputable manufacturer like Firestone seems to have gotten it wrong with the Transforce At. On the off chance, it could be that committing too much effort into creating a no frills, hardy tire targeted at commercial vehicles was their undoing. In all, these tires do not come highly recommended and fail to deliver on their promise.