Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Review

Goodyear ULTRA GRIP WINTER Full - 660x550

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The Good
  • Generally decent winter tires for daily drivers
  • Excellent cornering ability on ice and snow
  • Excellent dry road performance
  • Relatively lower price as compared to flashier tires
The Bad
  • Getting a bit long in the tooth compared to the market
  • The Linear grip is relatively weak
Dry Performance80
Wet Performance86
Light Snow Traction91
Deep Snow Traction89
Ice Traction82
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Let’s face it, we all feel safer when we’ve got a strong grip on something; especially when that thing is the ground we are driving on. December is almost here and we’ll soon have snow all over our roads, if you don’t have winter tires you should probably be hitting the store for a set. If you are like me, there is a lot of consideration when choosing everyday tires and snow time tires are no exception.


Today I want to give you my unbiased real world review of this great tire from Goodyear to help you make it through the thickest snow with ease.  Stay with me and I’ll give you my take based on information from tests conducted in harsh conditions to see how well this tire stacks up against a good challenge. There is no affiliation with Goodyear whatsoever, except for the part that I am reviewing their tire maybe?

So what is this Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter?

The Ultra Grip is Goodyear’s Studdable snow tire developed by the American multinational Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. The company has designed it for use with sedans, coupes, sports utility vehicles and passenger oriented light duty trucks. This tire is built to give you a high level traction in low temperatures. They’re best for the winter, getting you around the wet slushy snow with ease. These tires have their radials molded in a way that allows you to use metal studs (optional) to increase traction on ice and hard-packed snow.  I’ll take you through some interesting features of the Ultra Grip.


  • Goodyear makes this tire from a silica enhanced compound which maintains grip even under the lowest temperatures by staying flexible.
  • Sweeping and counter-sweeping grooves on the tread design channel out water and slush from under the tire to improve grip.
  • 3 dimensional TreadLock technology siping patterns to increase cornering grip.
  • A thick rubber belt runs around the edges of the Ultra Grip.
  • Multiple sipes give the tire better grip on ice and snow.

Dry Performance

I found this tire’s dry grip to be excellent, almost as good as the grip on a summer tire.  On a scale of 1-100 I would give it a decent 92%. Braking on dry surfaces is perfectly fine and does not unnecessarily extend the braking distance.

Wet Performance

This tire achieves great fuel economy while maintaining almost perfect grip on wet surfaces. The most challenging wet surface for this tire is shallow water which slightly compromises braking.

Winter Performance

I find the Ultra Grip WRT to be a very decent tire in terms of winter driving. The tire provides great cornering on both ice and snow and as a result you do not get hydroplaning. These are the kind of tires that will easily take you through three winters.

The Bottom Line

As I have pointed out before, these are great winter tires which certainly portray the properties of a serious workhorse. What’s more, they are time tested and have been performing well in winter conditions. You get this at a price well below that of the competitors.

If you are a daily driver who does not deal with very deep snow daily you will find out that the Ultra Grip holds up outstandingly well. This tire is really tough consequently giving you a durability of over 40,000 miles without failing once in the worst imaginable conditions. You will find that it stands out as the best winter tire you can put on a vehicle.

Since I started my research on and comparison of this range of tires to find the one that could best fit the winter conditions, I have determined that the Ultra Grip WRT is the best fit to fulfil our current and future needs. This tire outshines its rivals in terms of reputation, affordability and after sale services.Satisfied users have on numerous accounts attested to the fact that this is a quality product.

I highly recommend that you purchase a set of the Ultra Grip Winter and enjoy the full benefits.

Author: Keziah Kinuthia

I am a 25 year-old Data Scientist with a raging passion for cars. Music and movie lover, self-proclaimed and taught petrol-head who takes pleasure in writing about most of the things I like. Anything with a bumper and a rack is my forte.

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