How To Read Tire Size Properly

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Featured - How to read tire sizes

We’ve already talked about getting the best deal on tires, but what good does that do you if you don’t know which tires you should be looking for? Most people can’t read tire measurements, for them it’s just a string of random numbers. But don’t worry, today we will demystify it once and for all.

Here’s a great resources, one that you should send to all your friends who ask you how to read tire sizes properly.


It’s pretty self-explanatory but let’s take the tire in the image and break it down.

Understanding Tire Sizes

  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – The type vehicle this particular tire is made for. Most common type are P (passenger), LT (light truck), ST (special trailer)
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – The width of the tire (in millimeters)
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – Aspect ratio of the tire (sidewall height shown as a percentage of the section width)
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – Construction of the tire, R stands for “radial”
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – Wheel diameter in inches
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T – This tells you how much can your tire carry. It’s best to refer to a load rating char to get a defenite answer.
  • P 205 / 75 R 14 95 T Maximum speed your tires should be able to handle. 

As you can see, it looks complicated when you first look at it but once you break it down, it’s much more simple.

Here’s a list of other useful resources on the subject: