Kenda Klever Mt Review: The Off – Roader’s Companion

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Kenda Klever Mt Review

From the first glance, it is clear to see that the Klever range from Kenda is meant for the outdoor enthusiast. Whether it’s the avid naturalist or weekend getaway dad, 4×4 driving demands the most out of any vehicle and the set of tires it sits on. Kenda is a tire manufacturer that has etched a name for itself in mountain bike circles. With the Klever series, the Taiwanese company seeks to widen its reach in the motor vehicle industry.

Kenda Klever Mt Review – Cost Effective Aggression

A feature that defines these tires is the pronounced thread depth which comes to just over 14mm. This gives the tire a prominence that inspires adventure and rugged driving. The manufacturer describes them as a mud terrain tire and they will easily deal with swamp conditions as well as daunting wading depths. The Klever MT comes with distinctive self – cleaning lugs giving a fluid non – slip experience when forging hills and rocky landscape.

The tire not only delivers unrestrained power but offers a decent load range. This owes to its 10-ply rating, 7 plies accounted for on the tread while the sidewalls have the other 3 plies. With this generous capacity, one can easily ferry 1700kg per tire on a pressure level of 80 psi. Though rated as a world class tire manufacturer, Kenda is renowned for making affordable products. The Klever MT is no exception. With factories in Taiwan, China and Vietnam, it’s easy to see how this delicate balance between quality and attractive pricing can be maintained.

Made For Dirt, Not Much Else

The Klever tire range has definitely won the hearts of many off-roaders and with good reason. However, the same reason that gives them such popularity is also their undoing. Being purpose built 4X4 tires; city driving is not their strong point. Urban users have found them to be somewhat soft, with the rubber compound making it difficult to get a firm grip on the road. Another major issue that seems to plague Klever tires is balancing. A number of drivers have found them particularly difficult to balance. In this case vibrations and high noise levels are experienced at higher speeds.

As with any tire, to get the most out of the Kenda Klever MTs, one has to know exactly what they are looking for. A brief summation can be concluded as follows:

Go With The Klever MTs For:

  • A dominant and aggressive look to complement your SUV / truck appearance.
  • Uncompromising grip and traction in muddy and hilly terrain
  • Budget tires that will deliver world class 4×4 performance at a fraction of the cost
  • A comparatively quiet ride on the highway

With the Klever, Kenda have attempted to topple market leaders in the off-road arena, with much success. Creating an affordable, imposing tire with a presence to match its capability is definitely a winning recipe. Aside from the prevalent balancing issues and urban applicability, the Klever is a sure winner.