Maxxis Bighorn Review

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Maxxis Bighorn Review

Extreme offroad tires have to meet up extreme expectations as well, and Maxxis is one of the American brands that manages to deliver. The Bighorn is a tire that fits 15“ to 18“ rims with the height between 29“ and 33.2“, and it is best suited for muddy and rocky surfaces. The design of the tread offers good traction on demanding low traction surfaces, while the sidewalls have added protection, which helps a lot while tackling rocky terrain.

In mud, it excells…

As a true offroad tire, Maxxis Bighorn proved to be incredible in conquering muddy trails, with tread design suited for self cleaning the remaining mud from the tires. Nevertheless, it is also phenomenal in dry warm conditions, eg. sand and rocky terrain, beating virtually every trail with loads of grip, no matter the surface. In addition to that, the Bighorn offers good durability, with low noise index, that suffers only when the tire reaches its end. However, the durability is excellent. Although not built with snow in mind, they offer good winter performance as well, but with more careful driving.

…but it does well on the road too

When it comes to road driving, the Bighorn offers a lot for one offroad tire. The noise is a bit higher, but the tire still qualifies as a quiet one. As any true offroad tire is, the noise gets more noticeable on the highways, but for shorter commutes and low speed road driving, the Bighorn is a smart choice. However, caution is advised when it’s wet and snowy, as the tire is mainly made for sand and mud.

Key features:

  • Fits 16“-18“ rims
  • Tire height 29“-33.2“
  • Deep tread blocks
  • Pinned for studs
  • Best performance in mud and sand
  • Respectable road performance
  • Great durability

Considering everything, Maxxis Bighorn is a great offroad tire which provides optimal performance in muddy trails, with respectable dry road performance and special caution in wet and snowy condition. Its high durability is one of the best features, so it’s a tire of choice for daily driven offroaders.