Michelin X Radial Lt2 Review: Top Class Durability

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Michelin X Radial Lt2 Review

Certain brands are synonymous with excellence when it comes to tires. Few can argue that Michelin does not make the cut in these top tier manufacturers. As such, when it comes to heavy duty performance that is unfailing whether fitted on minivans or light trucks, high end tires are required. One good starting point is a Michelin X Radial Lt2 review, aimed at assessing just how well the brand performs. This product is sold as a first-rate touring tire that is adorned with a hefty 80,000 mile warranty. The promise of sturdiness and superiority are Michelin’s key value proposition.

Quiet Strength

One look at the tire is enough to give a sense of dependable performance, as inspired by the deep grooves that run the expanse of the tire. These present a ‘biting’ perimeter that enhances traction on wet and icy surfaces for the duration of the tire’s life. As such whether in snow or rain, the Michelins should be right at home.

To combat premature wear and tear, Michelin integrated what they termed, ‘MaxTouch’ engineering. This technology prevents early tread wear. The manufacturer even claims that the X Radial Lt2 can go up to an additional 15,000 miles over their foremost competitor.  Contrary to common practice, Michelin mated this emphasis on durability with a pursuit to create a smooth and silent ride. Employing a computer – styled design, the tire features ‘Comfort Control Technology’, a facility built to diminish road noise levels and shaking.

Slow To The Tracks, Hesitant In Snow

It is almost impossible to come across a tire that manages to deliver exceptionally without exhibiting some weaknesses. In undertaking the Michelin X Radial Lt2 review, a few issues came up. To begin with, the tires tend to be slightly lethargic and somewhat hesitant on acceleration. This may owe to the full tread on the tire. This sluggishness eventually fades away as the vehicle gains momentum.

Another challenge that the X Radials face comes in the form of snow driving at depth. While marketed as all weather tires, the Michelin offering seems to struggle in deep snow. They seem more capable of handling lighter driving conditions such as wet and icy roads. When stuck, one may have to ‘weight’ the vehicle down to at least increase the amount of traction.

Despite the negative aspects, the Michelin X Radial Lt2 tire ranks as one of the best all weather choices for the following reasons:

Star Qualities Of The Michelin X Radial Lt2

  • They feature straight grooves that ensure maximum grip in any kind of weather
  • Have three-steel-belt durability technology incorporated into the tire to enhance toughness
  • Treads are deep and cover the length of the circumference for even traction
  • Feature a pressure-weighted tire patch that allows for balanced load allocation

The Michelin X Radial has long been rated as one of the best tires for light trucks and SUVs. This is with good reason, given the value they offer.