Milestar Ms932 Review: Jack Of All Trades

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Milestar Ms932 Review

When watching the grand prix or NASCAR, it is hard to resist the adrenaline rush that the asphalt and burnt rubber invoke in the heart of many a driver. It is no wonder that the tame world of occupational commuting has been populated by high end cars in recent years. German and Japanese automakers have filled this gap, offering high performance everyday vehicles. This has resulted in the rising need for sports tires that don’t cost an arm and a leg, while being fully capable of handling the requirements of the aforementioned vehicles. Enter this Milestar MS932 review – a sport tire for the masses.

Milestar MS932 Review – Aerodynamic Commuter

An all – year round sport tire, the Milestar MS932 boasts a touring configuration that is supposed to allow the driver a versatile and unfailing drive throughout the seasons. Keeping sport features in mind, the tire impressively complements the aerodynamic profiles that most of the cars in its category have. It is well crafted with broad ribs spanning the circumference of the tire, which works to advance stability, control and lateral grip. Interlocking treads, angular and longitudinal, make for a wider profile tire that has an improved tread lifespan.

Over and above the sport – readiness, the Milestar tire also meets the needs of the market segment it’s aimed at, seamlessly. The tire can be used across a range of vehicles from compact crossovers to touring vehicles. As such whether it’s a passenger car or an urban tracker that goes off-road now and again, this tire gets the job done.  As far as cheap tires go, this one is a winner. A generous 50,000 mile tread warranty from the manufacturer makes this product line a good contender for its market.

Identity Crisis: Sport, Commute, Crossover…

From the onset, Milestar had a challenge on their hands, by trying to merge mind – numbing sport performance with the rational frugality that commuters and everyday drivers expect. By definition, friction and sport don’t particularly go together. Because the Milestar MS932 has relatively slender and soft side walls, longevity has been a questionable area. In spite of the warranty, drivers tend to have more confidence in a tire that can go the extra mile. This brings in another predicament that besets the tire. As the tires wear, they tend to get noisy even along highway cruises. Worst case scenarios have been vibrations and even the tires disintegrating.

There is a delicate balance that needs to be struck in order to get the most out of the Milestar MS932 tires. If the following characteristics tick your boxes, the Milestar tire is your perfect choice.

Milestar MS932 Highlights:

  • Treads diffuse water ensuring a hydroplaning – free drive
  • Can be used for a number of vehicle types including crossovers and passenger vehicles
  • Come with a long manufacturer’s warranty
  • Are applicable all year round

The Milestar MS932 is a tire that lacks individuality somewhat. While delivering a sporty ride it seeks to fulfil the sensible demands of commuting motorists. This should not be too much of a turnoff  for the drivers it seeks to serve though.