Nankang Noble Sport Ns20 Review: Seasonal Performer

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Nankang Noble Sport Ns20 Review

This Nankang Noble Sport NS20 review starts with a trend. A trend many tire manufacturers strive to achieve but often fail to deliver. A desire to give the driver a unified product that caters to their varied needs. This has yielded mixed results, owing to the difficulty and compromise that comes with trying to please different customers at the same time. There are however, some unique specimens which keep to what they know best. The Nankang Noble Sport NS20 is one such tire. Designed as a summer tire, meant to deliver exceptional performance, the Noble Sport NS20 is applicable to any passenger vehicle. After all, it’s on our list of best performance tires.

Confident Comfort

The NS20 does not disguise itself as anything other than a raw, high deliverance sport tire. It has a high level of grip and does very well on dry roads. Soft sidewalls mean there is a slight lag when it comes to responsiveness, but it more than makes up for this in traction. Given the emphasis on daily driving suitability, one would expect compromises when it comes to performance. However, the Nankang Noble NS20s are quite at home being put to their paces. They do tend to screech when ridden hard, but on the whole they don’t miss a beat with regard to grip.

Significant and thoughtful considerations such as tread wear indicators and an 11’’ tread depth make this tire more than adequate to handle the usual city and urban needs that most passenger vehicles encounter on a daily basis.  Running on a radial construction, with a rim diameter of 18’’, the Noble Sport NS20 delivers a superior and comfortable drive that bodes well with mid size and luxury cars. All of these features are bundled in an affordable package that has become typical of Taiwanese tire manufacturers.

Good In Summer And Not Much Else

The first obvious drawback to Nankang’s product offer is its seasonal nature. The Noble NS20s are primarily summer tires. This means that while they will deliver a decent amount of traction in wintry conditions, they are primarily designed for dry driving conditions. Resultantly, typical manoeuvres can be quite daunting in wet conditions, as the tire tends to understeer quite considerably. The ideal is then to get a different set during wet / sleet conditions which has obvious economical connotations.

Another issue that comes with the NS20 relates to the sidewall integrity. A thin and somewhat weak sidewall greatly compromises the ride stability altogether. In emergency braking situations or when aggressively switching lanes, a roll and wobble effect is noticeable. The failure or absence of auxiliary automotive technologies such as ABS or ESP may be one’s undoing in such instances.

The upsides and questionable aspects of the Nankang Noble Sport NS20 tires are best illustrated as follows:

We Like

  • Affordable price for tires that can fit on high end, luxury cars
  • Comfortable ride with exceptionally low road noise
  • Give a generally satisfactory performance for daily commuting requirements.

We Hate

  • Poor stability in hard – pressed driving conditions
  • Below par traction and grip in slippery surfaces.

When buying aftermarket tires, luxury and high end car owners find it difficult to find a choice that marries value and performance. The Nankang Noble Sport NS20 tires however, present a viable and attractive option.