Nexen N5000 Review: Brilliance in Simplicity

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Nexen N5000 Review

Many tire brands have come up with creative and cutting edge technologies to try and edge into the all – weather touring category. While a few seem to make some headway, the majority of entrants fail to deliver. We conducted a Nexen N5000 review to establish how it fares in this demanding segment. It would seem Nexen took an atypical route of going for simplicity and bare functionality. The South Korean tire doesn’t boast much innovation but promises to deliver on its key performance indicators.

Quality Engineering Plus Excellent Service

Of note, the Nexen N5000 is dotted with indentations along the tread whose purpose is to uniformly allocate heat across the expanse of the tire. The reasoning behind this is to act against uneven wear, thus fortifying the tire and extending its lifespan. The structure of the tire also includes saw – like grooves that help stabilize it. This is complemented by a tangential sipe pattern that is meant to enhance ride comfort and reduce road noise.

Nexen have also decided to enrich their product offering by focusing on after sales value to the customer. This they achieve by offering a 65,000 mile warranty on the N5000s. An additional road hazard cover spanning 3/32’’ or 2 years, whichever comes first, also applies. One can’t help but sense that Nexen have a lot of confidence in the N5000 tire.

Falls Way Short Of Promise

Far from the specified 65,000 miles, the Nexen N5000s only confidently last up to around 30,000 miles. Anything past that is definitely asking for too much from these tires. Even when one follows the recommend alignment and rotation cycles the tires still rapidly deteriorate.

Another gripe with the Nexen N5000 tire is that it doesn’t fare too well in ice and snow. Even a hint of snow on the road poses a great challenge for the tires. For tires that are rated as being suitable for year round use, they perform well under par. Even in dry conditions, the N5000s still deliver a rather harsh ride. The structure of the tire is such that it has low and high spots embedded in the rubber compound. This gives an unpleasant vibration the moment you step up to highway speeds.

Whether it is a technical overshoot or just incompetence, the Nexen N5000 review proves without a doubt that these tires perform well below what the accompanying warranty promises.

The Nexen N5000s Fail Make The Cut Due To:

  • Dismal winter performance
  • A tire lifespan that is about half what the manufacturer assure
  • Uncomfortable ride quality
  • Sporadic wheel slip during quick acceleration

Nexen may have set themselves up for failure by not developing any cutting edge technology to mate with the N5000s. The nail in the coffin though was the mal – performance of the tire in delivering basic functions that are standard for tires in its category.