Ohtsu Fp7000 Review: Rational Beauty

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Ohtsu FP7000 Review

A headache that often afflicts many a motorist relates to choosing the right tire when it comes to changing the stock set. While this may not be much of a dilemma for D.I.Y enthusiasts, trying to strike a balance between affordability and reliability is a challenge to the average car enthusiast. Among the myriad of products on the market, the Ohtsu FP7000 does a great job of merging performance with economy.

Smooth and Quiet Passenger Bliss

Ohtsu have created a non-directional tire that is expected to achieve outstanding results throughout the year. Built for passenger cars, safety aspects such as braking, handling and stability have been prioritized. Contrary to most tires that are designed to meet the desires of passenger vehicle drivers, the FP7000s come dressed with low profile sidewalls, sure to excite motorheads and soccer moms alike.

Delivering a top notch driving feel often comes at a cost, tire wear. Ohtsu , however, have not cut any corners when it comes to tire lifespan. Incorporating tread wear indicators as well as double steel braces, the FP7000 tire boasts rigid treads and robust structure. This makes it a perfect choice for those looking for a long – lasting tire that maintains grip and composition throughout its life.

Noise output is another typical sticking point that Ohtsu have dealt with. Their product is built with variable tread block outlines on its shoulders that result in dampened tread noise. A tire that combines quiet cruising noise, confident cornering and a smooth driving sensation is the result

All-weather, as long as it’s dry

The claim that a tire is an all-weather product has always been met with some scepticism, to say the least. The FP7000s are no exception in this regard. Driving through wet or snow surfaces, there is a noticeable let down on performance. The tires manage to cruise in heavy showers with some aplomb, but cornering is another matter. Handling in slick, wet surfaces requires steely nerves, as the tire experiences considerable understeer, edging on the margins of hairpins.

There is also another challenge that Ohtsu seem to have failed to fully deal with, particularly for the passenger car market. While the FP7000 is designed as a passenger vehicle tire, owners have found it to be problematic when it comes to balancing. In a number of cases, one needs to first employ static balancing before going on to balance them on a machine. While this may be standard on motorsport tires, the average working man does not want to go through all this, to enable a daily commute. Failure to do so however, can result in noticeable vibration once the vehicle picks speed.

Having paired affordability with performance there are some strong points that make the Ohtsu FP7000 a great buy.

Ohtsu Fp7000 Review – Features:

  • Multiple alternation patterns which increase tire life and lessen inconsistent wear
  • Tread wear indicators which allow the driver to notice any anomalies on the tire
  • Wide and deep grooves across the circumference guarding against hydroplaning
  • Purpose – built belt cap for progressive steadiness and handling

The Ohtsu FP7000 promises to deliver value to an extremely discerning customer base, passenger vehicle owners. The tire promises to merge an inexpensive offer with unwavering performance. It does seem to fall short in some aspects, but still offers a feature rich product that is worth one’s while.