Top 215 35 18 Tires in 2016

If you’ve decided to get a set of 215 35 18 tires for your car in 2016, you are lucky as the offer is huge. You can find thousands of tires for sale online, some of which are pretty affordable. Still, finding the best tires in 2016 might not be as easy as it sounded at first.

Tire dimensions 215 35 r18 are among the most common. Because of that, demand for them is huge. If you are one of those in need of such tires, make sure you get the best possible. Here are 3 tires that we believe have everything a good tire should have.

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Antares Ingens A1 – All-Season Tire

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Antares developed a directional controllability improvement system to make the performances of this tire much better. It seems that they did a good job as the tire is very easy to handle. Apart from that, this tire is also great when it comes to its performances on wet roads, although the grip in this case could’ve been better.

In fact, INGENS A1 is great for all seasons. It provides great traction on snow because of its superb tread pattern. The design is also what makes this tire a pleasant ride, which doesn’t make too much noise.

Antares engineers also kept in mind that mileage is very important for an average driver, so they designed it to save fuel. When it comes to the speed rating of this tire, it’s equally impressive as everything else.


  • Great in all weather conditions
  • Provides little or no noise
  • Lowers fuel consumption
  • Affordable
  • Has great speed rating and performs well at high speeds


  • Wet grip is not too impressive
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Nankang NS-20 Noble Sport

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Nankang Tire is the Taiwanese tire manufacturer with the longest tradition. For over 75 years, this company has been producing high-quality tires for passenger cars and light trucks. Doing a good work has made the company across the planet, which is why we’re going to recommend one of their tires to you.

The tire in question is Nankang Radial Tire NS-20, which is known for being very durable. It’s rather strange that this tire lasts so long, taking into consideration its price. When it comes to tire’s performances, they’re equally good, regardless of weather conditions.

Although being great for most passenger cars and SUVs, this tire is not your perfect choice if you own a sporty car as its speed rating is H (maximum 130 mph).


  • High-quality material makes it strong and durable
  • Great for all types of weather


  • Not too good speed rating
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