Yokohama Parada Spec-X Review

Yokohama PARADA SPECX Full - 660x550

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The Good
  • Handles light snow and slush effortlessly
  • Confident traction in wet conditions
  • Refined ride and low noise levels
The Bad
  • Feels hard and noisy as it 'breaks in'
  • Some owners experience steering freeplay at speeds above 50 mph
Dry Performance90
Wet Performance87
Winter Performance72
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The Yokohama Parada Spec X tires bring in an exciting dimension to the crossover, SUV and light truck market. These tires are designed to fit on sport SUVs and performance trucks. Contemporary muscle cars also benefit from these aesthetically pleasing tire. Yokohama has taken an interesting approach to designing the Parada Spec X tires, prioritizing good looks and performance. The extent to which the appearance matches the level of performance can be determined by a Yokohama Parada Spec X review.

The Bite Is As Fierce As The Growl

The Yokohama Parada Spec is not just about good looks. The tire has a bold tread design that increases accelerating and braking. The tires also have an M + S rating, which basically means they will deliver in any type of weather conditions. As has already been stated, aesthetics play a big part in the Yokohama Parada Spec’s built. It is thus no surprise that Yokohama have incorporated an inch-up fitment style that brings together attractive styling with ultra-high performance.

When it comes to wet weather driving, the Parada Specs have circumferential grooves that are responsible for removing water                from the tire footprint. This means little to no hydroplaning. To assure even tread wear and tire stability, rigid shoulder blocks make up the internal structure of the wheel. The tires also feature dynamic pitch technology that reduce road noise and reduces uneven wear.

All-Season For Some Roads

The Yokohama Parada Spec lacks in areas, despite the striking appearance. While it is touted as a tire that can handle the outdoors as well as it does the road, this is not necessarily the case. When driving in loose dirt or wet surfaces, the traction is markedly decreased. Though not a deal-breaker, the difference is painfully noticeable. The same can be said when driving through snowy conditions. It can be concluded that while the Yokohama tires can handle most type of weather, it is undoubtedly an on-road tire.

Another issue has to do with tread wear. The formula behind the tires is aimed at providing a performance – driven product that looks the part. Tread life is an area that seems to have been left out. Before hitting the 25 000 mile mark, pieces of the tire may start falling off the external part of the tread.

Yokohama seem to have come up with a game changer in the Parada Spec X. Combining great looks with unbridled performance has resulted in a tire that will probably excite many drivers in the segment. Our Yokohama Parada Spec X review puts together some reasons why this may be the tire for you.

What The Yokohama Parada Spec X Does Best

  • Aggressive tread pattern that has great aesthetic appeal
  • Sweeping grooves that resist hydroplaning by evacuating water from the tire’s footprint
  • Dual belt internal structure, reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon for extra strength.
  • Two progressive center ribs that provide ultra – high performance in acceleration, handling and braking.

There are many tire manufacturers looking to offer the best value to their customers by bringing numerous features to the table. This usually results in dull all-rounders that don’t seem to excel at a particular thing. Yokohama has thrown out the rule book and stuck to the concept of fun and eye candy. The Parada Spec X is sure to be a head – turner that delivers.

Author: Matt Taylor

A 28 year old car guy that used to work in a car repair shop. I used to talk about tires because I had to, now I talk about them because I want to.

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