Yokohama YK580 Review: Better In All Respects

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Yokohama YK580 Review

When it comes to developing leading technology and streamlined performance, Yokohama seemingly has things on lock. Their products have won many a driver over. It is thus only fitting that a tire suited for luxury sedans, sport coupes and crossover vehicle should come from the Japanese manufacturer. This Yokohama YK580 review takes a close look at one such tire. The YK580 is put together with the trademark innovation that Yokohama is known for. The main value proposition here is excellent traction, smooth driving experience and an extended working life.

Tailored For Maximum Traction

It doesn’t take driving very far, to quickly realize that the Yokohama YK580 exceeds all expectations when it comes to road holding capability. Embellished with three dimensional flexible sipes, the unfailing grip is guaranteed to last for the full life of the tire.

The tire also features brushing narrowed grooves that evacuate water from the tread region allowing for superb wet handling. The proven optimized contact patch found on other performance Yokohama tires also graces the YK580s. This contraption assists uniform wear by evenly allocating stress over the expanse of the tread area.

Grip Limited To Straight Line Performance

While the traction on the Yokohama YK580 can hardly be faulted, handling and cornering at cruising speeds poses something of a challenge. While this may not necessarily be an issue for everyday driving, it is good to have a tire that inspires confidence if you need it to. Cornering at excessive speeds is not as surgical as the tires just feel somewhat sluggish and hesitant.

The tire also presents a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to ride quality. The ride is generally silent with optimal road noise levels. However, minor bumps and shocks on the road are transmitted directly to the driver. This makes the car sound old and rickety at times. The rigidity of the tire seems to compromise ride comfort in exchange for tread durability.

Our Yokohama YK580 review brings one to the conclusion that these tires are fairly good for all round use. There are some issues that arise particularly in highway driving conditions, but the following features more than make up for it:

Yokohama YK580 Strenghts

  • Exhibit outstanding traction that makes light work of all – season touring needs
  • An all – encompassing 60,000 mile tread warranty for peace of mind
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern to ensure uncompromising year round performance
  • Solid tread block bridges give added support to the tire’s structure
  • Makes use of Advanced Orange Oil amalgam to reduce rolling resistance and increase fuel efficiency
  • Optimized Yokohama contact patch delivers even wear

In summation, Yokohama seems to have successfully constructed a tire that caters for drivers’ needs across the seasons. Most of the vehicles the Yokohama YK580 tires are supposed to be fitted on are meant for high speed performance with an emphasis on comfort and luxury. This makes the YK580s the perfect choice.